Joseph (Joe) Bradfield

Web Developer / Creative Professional


Joseph's bio

I have been in visual communications for greater than 15 years. I have a passion for well designed pieces, whether that is an amazing custom logo, a delicately designed wedding invitation or an elaborate website. I love to work on training materials and enjoy breaking down complex topics and concepts for others to understand and enjoy. My extensive toolkit includes graphic design, web programming, audio/video editing and much more.


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Education & Certificates

See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

USMAPS west point prep school

1995 - 1996

United States Military Academy at West Point

Nominated did not attend

1996 - 1999

Mt. San Jacinto College

A.S. Multimedia

1995 - 2013

California Internet Authoring
Web Developer Apprentice Certificate


Take a look at a few of my favorite projects I’ve started or been a part of during the course of my career.

Advanced Diabetes Supply

USMC - Marine Helo Training


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Multi Tasking


Web Development








Web Design

Logo Design

Adobe Creative Suite

Graphic Design



Project Management


Adobe Acrobat





Interaction Design


Art Direction


Video Editing

After Effects

Microsoft Office



User Interface Design



Process Automation

Process Improvement

Viral Marketing



Trade Shows



Motion Graphics



Corporate Identity

Email Marketing

Multi Tasking







Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Amanda St. Lucus - L-3 Communications / DPA / Carley Corporation

I had the opportunity to work with Joe on multimedia training courses for the US Navy during our time at L3 DPA. He adapts well to diverse working environments filling roles as a leader and as a graphic support depending on what the situation mandates. Joe is a talented graphic communicator and he stands out in his ability to cross both creative and programming hemispheres. It would be my pleasure to work with Joe again.

Liza Wanzung

It was my honor to work closely with Joseph Bradfield. Joseph's enthusiasm for the work he did showed on a daily basis. Joseph is great at collaborating and coming up with unique solutions. He elegantly balances the appropriate timing knowing when to following instructions and when new insights and ideas are welcomed. Given the chance, I would be lucky to work with him again in the future.

Liza Benson

Joe and I worked on the same graphics team for many years. He excelled in his design and technical expertise. He was such a reliable "go-to" if I had any questions or needed a reliable design consult. Joe loves learning new tricks and programs to expand his talent as a designer. It was a huge pleasure working with Joe, and I will always consider him a friend and colleague.

Carlton Sauls

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Joe on numerous projects and events that required diverse media support. He is well adept at managing a media or graphics project from the infancy of creative planning, to filming or recording, to editing, to mass distribution. Joe has the unique combination of stellar technical skills in media and graphics to outstanding customer service skills. He was successful in helping develop and build the organization's brand and was a pleasure to work with. I am confident that his skill set, professional experience, coupled with his dedication, would bring great health and success to any organization.

Mark Lewis Lead Graphic Artist

Joe is a highly skilled professional which has made significant contributions to our team's efforts.
His knowledge of graphic programs as well as his understanding of html, css, javascript, and actionscript has really been evident in his work. He is always eager to help others and is well liked by his colleagues. Joe would be a valuable asset to any company, project, or team.

Jim Hicks

I have had the great benefit of receiving Joe's assistance on several graphics and graphic programming related projects. Joe not only is very professional, but is very inquisitive as well. He not only finds a good solution, but also tenaciously works toward the best solution. The last hurdle Joe helped us clear has saved us several weeks of development times on a tightly budgeted, time-sensitive project for the US Navy. You could not find a better team player and problem solver!


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